Celebrating Black History Month

In light of navigating a pandemic  and our continuous struggle against the systemic obstacles that our families face, we at The Durham Children’s Initiative decided to honor Black History Month by showcasing the rich, national history of those from the African Diaspora and international profiles of some prolific figures via our social media. We committed to posting three profiles each day – one local leader, one national leader, and one international leader in Black History.

We also hosted two panel discussions that featured four local leaders each. These leaders are known for their contributions to the Black Community, but also for living Black History 24/7. Our first panel (part 1 – available here) included Dr. Wanda Boone, Jovania Lewis, Dr. Jackie Tobias, and Valine Zeigler. Our second panel (part 2 – available here) featured former mayor Bill Bell, Dr. William Jackson, Principal Rodriguez Teal, and Andre Vann. Both panels focused on the Black Experience in Education. Our efforts have been enjoyed by over 2000 viewers and we intend to continue living up to the legacy of those we showcased by supporting those most marginalized and impacted by systemic oppression.