DCI’s mission is to create a pipeline of high-quality services spanning from birth through college or career for children, youth, and families living in Durham, North Carolina. 

More than 65 partner organizations and thousands of community members actively contribute to DCI, making it one of the most comprehensive cradle-to-career ecosystems in the state. Through a combination of DCI initiatives and partner services, we work collaboratively at the local and systems levels to support children, youth, and families on their unique journeys toward success.


DCI envisions a future in which every youth in Durham graduates from high school, ready for college or career. Our work specifically seeks to create opportunities and disrupt systemic inequities, particularly those affecting low-wealth families and people of color.


Children are healthy and ready to learn

Children are prepared for kindergarten

Parents and caregivers are actively engaged in their children’s education

Students are academically proficient

Youth are prepared to graduate from high school, ready for college and/or a career

Durham County is a safe, healthy, and economically thriving community