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The DCI Ecosystem

Children, youth, and families are at the center of the DCI Ecosystem. In collaboration with the Durham community and over 65 partners, DCI aligns offerings and services to ensure that families receive the highest quality interventions possible. These offerings fall in one of seven categories, listed below. Robust evaluation and data tracking certifies that all programs and initiatives are implemented with fidelity and that children, youth, and families are thriving over time. 

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Early Years 

DCI’s Early Years Supports encompass topics such as childcare, early literacy, health, and kindergarten readiness. Included in this category is DCI’s Latino Education Achievement Program (LEAP) Academy, which was created to fill the gap for 3- and 4-year old children who otherwise would have no preschool experience before entering kindergarten. DCI’s LEAP Academy is a high-quality, bilingual preschool in a developmentally appropriate setting and has achieved a 93% kindergarten readiness rate in recent years. 

DCI Family & Youth Advocates 

DCI’s Youth and Family Advocates walk alongside families to ensure that they receive the highest-quality interventions possible aligned to their unique needs. Advocates develop and implement programming for students and provide direct advocacy services to assigned students and their families. Advocates work to promote academic, social, and personal success for DCI youth. Their focus is on developing healthy relationships by maintaining weekly contact with youth and families and ensuring that each receives empowering, high-quality, and appropriate supportive services. 

Two-Generation Supports 

DCI provides assistance to families using a holistic model – we not only focus on our students, but the entire family as well. To help parents succeed as the number one teachers of their young people, we offer employment and vocational supports, family stability interventions and support, parent education, and technology support. 

Out-Of-School Learning 

Out-of-school learning is critical to helping students achieve their goals. We support students by offering before school, after school, and weekend programs, academic coaching support, literacy support, summer learning camps, and tutoring and homework help.  

College & Career 

DCI’s College and Career Supports focus on community engagement, educational attainment, economic stability, and mentoring. Our Workforce Development offerings provide high school and college students with the skills necessary to thrive in college and their future careers. Students have the opportunity to take part in internships throughout the Durham community while building matched savings for the future – each student intern leaves our program with at least $500 in a savings account. 

Community Programs 

Thanks to our community of 65 incredible partner organizations, we are able to provide the highest – quality innovative offerings tailored specifically to what a family needs. To see a full list of our partners, please visit our partner page. 

Basic Needs 

In order for students and families to thrive, we know it’s important to make sure that their basic needs are met. We meet the needs of our families through food access, nutrition, and mental and physical health services.