DCI’s Summer Career Exploration

Summer Career Exploration (SCE) is a program that was first started by Partners for Youth Opportunity as a way to prepare students for the workforce through training and teaching life skills. This summer, SCE is being reimplemented by Durham Children’s Initiative (DCI) to serve a new batch of students and provide the same skills and lessons to a larger audience. 

Photo Courtesy of Christian Gomez
Photo Courtesy of Christian Gomez

SCE is split into two sessions: SCE and SCE Lite. SCE is tailored for high school juniors and seniors, while SCE lite is chartered towards rising 9th and 10th graders. 

This program not only prepares students for the workforce in general, but also prepares them for DCI’s Frontline Fellowships, which offer internships to college students ages 18 – 22 and provides them with a stipend that will assist them with financial needs during the time spent in this program. 

DCI’s goal SCE is to teach students a panel of skill sets such as workplace networking, communications, and professionalism to prepare students to become competitive employees and contributing individuals in society. The SCE program is made to follow the students as they grow up into adulthood to best prepare them for the workplace. This allows students and mentors to continually have real and hard conversations, such as dialogue about race and discrimination in the workplace and how to resolve conflicts that may arise. 

At DCI, we want to acknowledge that not all skills are learned in a school setting and the most important ones are the ones we observe, such as interviewing skills for career readiness or financial management in their personal lives. We want our students to have a head start when entering college, beginning their adult lives, and building their professional careers – affording them a foundation and understanding about the function of money in our society as well as a holistic understanding of our world taught in brevity. All in all, we want to prepare our students to be set for the hardships of life.

Cindy Chen

SCE Facilitator