Supporter Spotlight: Casper

Since May of 2019, Casper has generously donated over $20,000 worth of products to DCI for distribution to Durham families and community members. The Casper team at Streets at Southpoint came together and chose DCI as their nonprofit of choice as they were opening their doors in 2019. The products donated by Casper are either returned to the store by customers who changed their mind about their purchase, or are left over from promotions and sales. Once DCI receives these luxury items, they are delivered to families in our community who express need for such resources. Casper’s donations have included high-quality sheets, duvets, pillows, mattresses, bed foundations, frames, and much more! According to Cory Foster, Casper Store Manager at Streets at Southpoint, “anything that we take off of the sales floor, we give to [DCI].”

“We’re not a mattress shop. We’re a sleep shop. We’re all about educating people.” Casper’s research and development are what really sets it apart from other providers. Casper seeks to “awaken the potential of a well-rested world” by investing in in-depth research and continuing to innovate and create the latest sleep technology. They do this on a personal level as well by researching the needs of their customers in order to ensure that individuals are getting the highest quality sleep possible. Foster explains their dedication to quality and innovation: “If it doesn’t increase or help you get better sleep, we aren’t putting it out there.” In fact, Casper recently came out with Snow Technology that helps to regulate a person’s temperature while asleep, ensuring that they remain comfortable all throughout the night. DCI is proud to be collaborating with such an innovative company. Stop by Casper at the Streets at Southpoint today to unlock better sleep!