Celebrating Women’s History Month

This March, Durham Children’s Initiative decided to celebrate Women’s History Month by showcasing powerful female leaders who have paved the way for women today to continue to break barriers around the world and across professional fields. We committed to posting three profiles each day of prodigious female figures via our social media. For the first two weeks of Women’s History Month, we focused on local, national, and international leaders. For the next week, we celebrated women in the fields of politics, STEM, and music. Finally, we rounded out the month by highlighting women who have shattered glass ceilings in the fields of business, sports, and the arts.

We also hosted two panel discussions that featured local leaders and focused on women in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our panelists are known throughout the Durham community not only for their business acumen, but for being loving and successful mothers as well. Our first panel (part 1 – available here) included Jesica Averhart, Sabrina Seymore, Taraza Tyler, and Angelique Stallings and was in English. Our second panel (part 2 – available here) featured Maria Gomez, Jenice Ramirez, and Sheila Arias and was in Spanish. Our efforts have been enjoyed by over 1,600 viewers and we intend to continue living up to the legacy of those we showcased by supporting and standing with the spectacular women in our community.