Coding with the Kramden Institute

The Kramden Institute has been “providing technology tools and training to bridge the digital divide” since 2003. Since that time, they have served families and students in 83 counties across North Carolina.

This summer, DCI is excited to be partnering with Kramden for their Summer Coding Camp. This camp allows students in grades 6-8 to explore technology in new and exciting ways in a safe learning environment. 

Over the course of camp, students had the opportunity to learn valuable tech skills that directly related to their interests. Kramden instructors began by teaching students about photography and videography, allowing them the creative space to explore, experiment, and be creative with their photo and video subjects. Students were able to use professional lighting, green screens, and script writing to make their projects truly exciting and unique.

After shooting their films and images, students were introduced to methods of video, photo, and audio editing. Students were paired up into teams to use their footage to create their very own infomercials. Given the freedom to design their own products and scripts, students came up with immensely creative and exciting ideas. One group created an infomercial for a pimple removing patch that, when worn long enough, can turn a person invisible. Another group envisioned a pair of glasses that would allow users to see in the past or future as far as they wanted!

Lastly, students were taught basic coding techniques and were tasked to build their own unique videogames. These videogames are all website and PC compatible and can be played by anyone! With the popularity of videogames, this was a captivating project for students.

To get a tiny peak into a day at Kramden’s Summer Coding Camp, check out our photo gallery below and play a few games linked below that were created by students! To learn more about the Kramden Institute, please visit their website at